State: Idaho
City: Emmett
Zip code: 83617
Type: Pets

Ragdoll - Ginger - Large - Senior - Female - Cat
Ginger sounds like a female name, but not in this case. Named by an elderly woman with 12 cats. The sad situation is this woman is soon to be going into a nursing home and the cats need to be taken care of. We've taken in the first 4 at this point. The woman was going to euthanize Ginger because he is old at 15 years. We have had kind hearted people take in elderly cats, so asked the woman to let us try. Ginger is over weight, so appears large, but should be a medium sized cat. He is friendly and would be happy to have a warm quiet place to live out the remainder of his life.
Breed: Ragdoll
Size: Large
Petfinder ID:
Pet has been spayed/neutered
Pet Adoption League | Emmett, ID | 208-365-
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